» Business

IVD Germany is an international consulting service provider with its main focus on engine and powertrain engineering in the automotive industry.
The focus is on development and research projects in the areas of

  • passenger car and truck combustion engines
  • electrical drive
  • Hybrid and Range Extender
  • Valuation of User behavior

IVD develops innovative and not common solutions in extreme selection of topics.

A main strength of IVD is its competence in integration of calculation / simulation with measurement and experiment, as well as long lasting experience in Engine and powertrain engineering.

As an independent company IVD is an ideal partner for solutions in special development issues.

 » Philosophy

The company has on its command a broad range of tools. This includes self developed simulation models (vehicle longitudinal dynamics, transmission oscillation) as well as leading commercial tools.

Due to our partner network IVD can make use of up to date test bed and measurement instrumentation for combustion, electric and hybrid concepts.

For our customers this means innovative approaches and successful completed topics.

 » Methodology

IVD’s methodology for solution of complex settings of a task is geared to the V- approach. In doing so a complete system is fractured into single systems. These are being analyzed and verified. The insight of those single systems are then again put together for analyzing the complete system.

In each step simulation outcomes are followed by verification in measurements on the test beds.

Peculiar value is set on an integrative approach with high effectivity. The accurracy of the findings permits high comprehension for the system’s characteristics and behavior of its components.

Maximum customer benefit arises from a whole consideration of theory/ measurement and simulation in connection with a target oriented interpretation of the results.